You don't need an app for full and integrated Google Drive and/or Dropbox support on Windows Phone.

In complete disbelief you might utter words like:

  • But, how is this possible
  • I don't believe it
  • No way
  • But they don't like each other, at all?

We wish we were the ones to make an app for that, just like we have done for Gmail. For for Dropbox, it is much much easier, and perfecly integrated. All you have to is sign up for cloudHQ and syncronize the files between Skydrive / OneDrive and Dropbox

But, hey - isn't that crazy difficult?

No, not at all - see below

Sign up for services

First of all you need to be a member of all the services

  • cloudHQ They have a free account for syncing 50 files (100 if you use our link here), and bigger onces if you have a lot of files
  • Dropbox (I mean you should be this already, this is why you are here?)
  • Skydrive / OneDrive (Having a Windows Phone, you should already have a Microsoft Account)

Add accounts

We assume you are signed up for all three accounts, and logged on to cloudHQ

Click syncronize at the top of the page to get into the Syncronize settings. This is were it all begins.

Drag the icons of the services you want to sync to the boxes at the top, so go do it, drag Google Drive to the first box.

Here you should select the area of Dropbox you want available on your Windows Phone (remember this also needs to fit on your Skydrive / OneDrive account) so if you have more than the size of your Skydrive / OneDrive account you need to be selective - I am going for the lot here.

Likewise choose the area of your Skydrive / OneDrive account that will be available on Dropbox, I am choosing a subfolder (Documents), but I also have A LOT of pictures on my Skydrive / OneDrive.

Here you can choose your sync settings, since we want files to be the same on Skydrive / OneDrive and Dropbox, we choose Syncronize Continuously.

The essence

Get a cloudHQ account and sync Skydrive / OneDrive with Dropbox for full use of Dropbox on Windows Phone.


  • Skydrive / OneDrive and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation Inc.
  • Dropbox is a trademark of Dropbox Inc.
  • cloudHQ is a trademark of cloudHQ
  • We are not affiliated with Gmail Google, or cloudHQ in any way (other than the obvious that we are users of the services).

The lowdown: Get a cloudHQ account and sync Skydrive / OneDrive with Dropbox for full use of Dropbox on Windows Phone.

For your Gmail needs, we have a really nice app for Windows Phone

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